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Dead Animal Removal Services – Great Prices with Guaranteed Results!

Pest Protection Plus :: Professional Dead Animal Removal Services You Can Trust!

Dead animals aren’t just unpleasant to have to deal with, they can also be dangerous. Even after they die, dead animals like raccoons, skunks, squirrels, deer and rodents can carry and transmit disease and parasites. If you have a dead animal on your property, trust the expert dead animal removal services from Pest Protection Plus!

But in addition to properly disposing of the carcass, we’ll make sure to fully clean and sanitize the area. This will protect your children and pets that might be around the same area, but it will also stop other pests and animals from exploring the area because they smell something that could be food.

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Trust the Experts at Pest Protection Plus!

We’re a professional pest control company and we offer professional dead animal removal services in and around the Greater Toronto Area. We’ll remove everything from raccoons to skunks to squirrels to rodents. We’ll remove them from around your property including in your home, attic, shed, garage and under your deck or porch.

Will my Municipal Government Pick Up Dead Animals From my Property?

Your local municipal government will not pick up dead animals from private property – this is the responsibility of the home owner. If you come across a dead animal or road kill on public property, please call your local municipal government and they’ll send out one of their crews to clean it up.

Having us remove a dead animal from your property is going to cost you money – this is not a free service like your municipal government offers. We’d be more than happy to offer our dead animal removal services if you have a dead animal on your property, but if you find a dead animal on public property please don’t call us, call your local municipal government office.

Cleaning & Sanitation

Animals can carry harmful disease and parasites even when they’re dead. Once we remove the carcass we’ll properly clean and sanitize the area so there aren’t any foul odours or traces of the animal. This will make the area safe for pets and children.

Why Trust Our Dead Animal Removal Services?

Why would you use dead animal removal services from us instead of other pest control companies in the Toronto area?

So glad you asked! Here’s why …

Pest Protection Plus :: Fast 24x7 Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Service

Fast 24 x 7 Service

We offer 24×7 service, so even if you find a dead animal in your garage at 3am, give us a call and we’ll send a technician out!

Pest Protection Plus :: Affordable Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Service

Affordable Dead Animal Removal Services

Some companies offer cheaper prices but cut corners and do a poor job. Our trained dead animal removal technicians do the job right, every time!

Pest Protection Plus :: Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Service with Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee that we’ll properly remove all traces of the animal and clean and sanitize the area. If we don’t, we’ll send a technician back – at no additional cost!

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