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Rodent Shield

Complete Protection Against Rodent Infestations

With Rodent Shield we implement a data driven strategy to proactively manage seasonal rodent behavior to keep your home secure.

Secure your spot with our evidence-based, scientifically-engineered Rodent Shield Program, designed to provide 14-month robust defense against rodent invasions. This program preserves the integrity of your property and safeguards the health of your household by mitigating the risks associated with rodent infestations.

Triple P Guarantee: Industry Leading 14 Months of Comprehensive Home Protection

What’s included in our Triple P Guarantee?

  • 14 Month Service Warranty- No charge for additional service calls
  • Interior & Exterior Protection- We ensure your home is secure inside and out.
  • Priority Scheduling- Prompt service and fast turnaround when a service call is needed.
  • Reporting & Insights: More than service; we document, report and provide strategic recommendations & insights to keep your home & property pest free.
  • Early Access: When new products are approved that provide even more protection, you get them first.
  • Talk To An Expert: Direct access to our licensed experts to answer your questions
  • Exclusive Discounts: When you are enrolled in our shield programs, you are eligible to receive 15% off of our other services such as: humane wildlife removal, mosquito & tick control etc.

Covered Pests:

This program specifically targets rats and mice,addressing both the structural damages and health risks associated with their presence.

Service Breakdown:

Initial Comprehensive Inspection & Treatment (Month 1)


A licensed specialist will conduct a comprehensive property assessment, identifying both potential risk areas and existing rodent activity. The review covers exterior entry points, attic conditions, and food and nesting sources indoors and outdoors.


Rodent Shield includes interior and exterior treatments, involving the strategic placement of ministry approved bait stations and rodenticides to secure your home from rodent intrusion. These measures prioritize the safety of your children and pets while eliminating and preventing infestations.

  • Exterior entry point inspection & Identification
  • Exterior site inspection to identify potential food & nesting areas
  • Shed/Exterior structures inspected
  • Garage inspection & treatment
  • Attic inspection & treatment
  • Interior home inspection & treatment
  • Interior inspection and sanitation recommendations
  • Documentation of bait station placement
  • Bait rotation for maximum uptake and effectivness

*Post-assessment, our technician will customize a follow-up plan. This plan will include scheduled inspections to monitor activity, verify elimination, and secure entry points, as determined by the onsite specialist.

Quarterly Service:

Through regular inspections, replenishment of bait stations, and continued documentation of activity, we maintain vigilant and adaptive defense lines, ensuring your home remains rodent-free.

Unscheduled Support

Unexpected rodent sightings can cause distress, but our complimentary unscheduled service calls ensure timely action and treatment, mitigating the risk and providing piece of mind.

Preventative Measures and Recommendations

We equip homeowners with scientifically-backed recommendations to prevent future rodent infestations. This proactive approach includes measures such as sealing potential entry points, maintaining cleanliness, and managing food sources.

*Adherence to the scheduled treatments and prompt reporting of rodent activity are essential to prevent further infestations and maintain warranty validity.

Investment: $925 + (HST)

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