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Milton & Halton Hills Pest Control Services

Milton & Halton Hills Pest Control Services You Can Trust!

We offer guaranteed pest control services in Milton & Halton Hills, ensuring effective results

The Milton and Halton Hills area are home to beautiful scenery and rural settings: rolling hills, winding rivers, dense forests, quaint century homes on massive parcels of land.

While away from the hustle bustle of the city, these rural areas are also home to an abundance of wildlife and many different kinds of insects. Skunks, raccoons, squirrels, mice, rats, opossums, ants, hornets, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches and even coyotes are all common sights in the Milton and Halton Hills areas. And these animals don’t necessarily keep to themselves – they commonly seek shelter in and around peoples homes. They can become a nuisance because of noises and messes they make. Their feces can include harmful disease and bacteria. They can damage roofs, soffits, gutters, vents and other parts of your home.

If you live in the Milton or Halton Hills areas you’re probably quite familiar with all of these types of pests, but if they’re in or around your home you might need some pest control services.


Milton & Halton pest control services

Pest Protection Plus provides pest control services in Milton & Halton Hills that you can count on!

We offer 24×7 emergency service, our technicians are all trained and experienced, and we guarantee our work!

Our Pest Control and Wildlife Removal Services in Milton & Halton Hills

Raccoon, Squirrel, and Skunk Removal Services

Our pest control services in Milton & Halton Hills use humane methods to remove animals from your property by installing one-way doors. This allows the animals to exit, but not return.

After the animals have left the area, we identify and seal any entry points. This may involve installing screens over chimneys, vents, and soffits, or repairing holes in the roof. For skunks, our team digs a trench around the area, places galvanized steel screens, and backfills the trench to prevent the skunks from returning.

Ant/Insect Control Services

The first step in insect/ant removal is searching for areas where ants are present. Since many species of ants exist, different extermination techniques are necessary. Using a professional spray, we vigorously attack spaces the ants have infested and spray the nest.

Tick Control Services

Highly trained technicians locate areas where ticks can hide. We then educate owners on eliminating them. It may involve shrub removal and decreasing shaded areas. Our team may use eco-friendly yard spray and foggers to eliminate these outdoor pests.

Cockroach Removal Services

Effective treatment involves quickly noticing signs and acting. After an inspection, we identify problem areas and the infestation level. If the infestation is high, specialized equipment removes them from high-activity areas. We use baiting, liquid treatments, and dust applications to bring the infestation down to manageable levels.

Dead Animal Removal Services

Animals can sometimes find their way into the space between walls, and when they die, it can be difficult to reach them. Homeowners may only become aware of the problem when a foul smell begins to emanate from the area.

In such cases, our team can help by locating and removing the dead animal. We'll also sanitize and clean the affected area to prevent contamination. Finally, we'll use a specialized spray to help neutralize any lingering odours.

Spider Removal Services

Spiders frequently reside along cracks and gaps. Once our technicians locate where the entrance, they vacuum out the area and use an eco-friendly spray. We seal open areas to prevent them from returning.

Hornet & Wasp Removal

Our professionals address and identify the source of your infestation. Nests are handled with care using certified and approved removal techniques.

We search for any cavities along wall cavities and outbuildings for holes. Any identifiable holes are closed, and we use an eco-friendly spray to eliminate the infestation.

Pigeon & Bird Removal Services

Birds frequently get caught in vents and can enter the property through chimneys or openings. Our team locates the birds and removes them and their nests. Then, they are released back into their habitat. We screen open vents to ensure they do not return.

Mosquito Control Services

Our team members are experts at identifying locations acting as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. A specialist surveys the property, identifies breeding areas, treats the area, and ends the mosquito breeding season.

Treatment involves:

  • Inspection and larvicide applications
  • Barrier spray

Bed Bugs Removal Services

Licensed technicians determine if there is a bed bug infestation and the severity. Chemical treatments and HEPA filter vacuuming eliminate the pests. Technicians may use a flush-spray-dust technique approved by Health Canada to exterminate bed bugs, but still safe for pets and humans.

Why Trust Us For Milton & Halton Hills Pest Management?

We are your local pest control experts, offering superior Milton & Halton Hills pest control services. Our highly skilled technicians use the latest technology and tools to eradicate infestations in your commercial or residential area. Our team:

  • Removes animals humanely and relocates them if necessary
  • Works 24/7 and offers emergency services
  • Conduct building/property inspections
  • Will inspect and enter attic spaces
  • Warrantied Services
  • Clean up animal waste

Our technicians are skilled at identifying different kinds of pests and can handle them all.

Our Proven Process for a Pest-Free Environment

Pest Protection Plus incorporates a proven process to exterminate pests. We know that some wildlife can become aggressive when removed from their habitat. Furthermore, our technicians love animals and believe in their humane removal. Therefore, we use one-way exits to ensure pests are permanently gone.

Our treatments begin with a property inspection, identifying entry points. Once we determine the location of the infestation, we devise a treatment plan. It may involve eco-friendly sprays, catch-and-release, one-way exits, or other eradication and removal methods.

Once removed, we close entry points to prevent the animal’s return. We also educate our clients on making their property unappealing to these animals to ensure it remains pest-free.

Pest Protection Plus’s Commitment to Safety

Our pest control services in Milton & Halton Hills are committed to safely removing wildlife and keeping our customers/staff safe. We recommend leaving the removal and relocation to the professionals.

Our team uses humane ways to release wildlife. We also use eco-friendly materials to eliminate pests so that there is no harm to people and pets. We also ensure the cosmetic and structural integrity of your property remains intact.

Our experts are well-trained in pest removal and in industry standards. We know how to safely remove pests from your location, whether it is commercial or residential.

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Susan Noylander
Susan Noylander
The service went very well. Everything they were doing was explained to us in detail. The two service people were courteous and thorough. Susan
Katherine Pereira
Katherine Pereira
Very thorough investigation of the property. Punctually kept the appointment and advised of the timing. The property owner was very happy with this service.
catherine tsang
catherine tsang
Very Good, professional and thorogh. Thank you for your service.
Massimo Terenzi
Massimo Terenzi
Ben is the ultimate professional, talk about going above and beyond, he took the time and explained everything involved in the job, and when it came time to doing the job you can tell he knew his stuff, there is no other I would trust to work on my house but Pest Protection Plus. Ben, I cant thank you enough!!!
Socrates Celestial
Socrates Celestial
The gentleman were courteous and knowledgeable. Excellent professionals. They represent your company well.
Marvin Mitchell
Marvin Mitchell
Super profesional and knowledgeable. Got the job done! You can depend on these guys. Thanks Alison!
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