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Pest Control Rexdale

Rexdale is a Toronto district that encompasses several neighbourhoods located north of Highway 401 and east of Highway 427. Named after the visionary real estate developer, Rex Heslop, this area boasts well-developed streets, water mains, and sewers. Though a newer neighbourhood, Rexdale residents may still require pest control services from time to time. 

While some owners may initially try to tackle the issue on their own with store-bought products, they often find that such products fail to produce long-term or effective results. Seeking professional assistance can lead to a more successful and sustainable solution.

Professional-grade products and expertise are the only methods that permanently eliminate unwanted animals from your premises. Our experts are educated in cutting-edge technology and incorporate the industry’s best practices to provide long-lasting, effective results.

Rexdale pest control and wildlife removal services

Pest Protection Plus provides pest control services in Rexdale that you can count on!

We offer 24×7 emergency service, our technicians are all trained and experienced, and we guarantee our work!

Our Pest Control Services in Rexdale

Ant Control Services

Ant Control Rexdale

Many species of ants can reside in Rexdale. Eliminating them requires an expert who knows how to identify the species and successfully treat them. While you can buy powders or bait to eliminate ants, they rarely work long-term because they don’t reach deep into the nest.

Our ant control professionals will thoroughly inspect your home or commercial property to locate the source of the infestation and target both the satellite and main ant colonies. We use non-toxic liquid sprays that are not harmful to people to eliminate the ant infestation and ensure that your property stays ant-free in the future.

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Control Rexdale

Our technicians use non-toxic methods to eliminate mosquitos from your area, which will not harm outdoor wildlife, pets, or people. We tailor our plans to suit your needs, whether the treatment is ahead of a special occasion or the entire summer.

In addition to treatment sprays, technicians also search for areas that provide breeding grounds for mosquitos and eliminate them.

Bed Bugs Removal Services

Bed Bug Treatment Rexdale

Bed bugs can quickly move from source to source. They aren’t only caused by dirty mattresses but can attach themselves to anything and multiply. Our technicians remove pests using effective treatments on infected areas, and using safe products to eliminate bed bugs.

We search adjacent rooms to ensure they are not infected. Also, we search for the root cause and take corrective measures. We recommend that owners remove excessive clutter to prevent their return.

Spider Removal Services

Spider Removal Rexdale

Spiders live in dark, moist, untouched areas. Our professional services locate areas where they are present, clear the webs, and apply a barrier spray to prevent reinfestations. Pest Control Plus technicians examine the location thoroughly and provide prevention tips to ensure they don’t return.

Tick Control Services

Tick Control Rexdale

Commercial applications are successful in eradicating ticks from your area. Calling a reputable tick control company such as Pest Protection Plus guarantees better treatment with guaranteed results.

Our experts examine areas that can harbour ticks, like leaf debris, thick grass, etc. Once identified, we use expert treatment strategies to protect your home or business’s exterior.

Tick Control Services

Cockroach Removal Rexdale

Our pest control professionals meticulously treat cockroach infestations through foggers, traps, boric acid, and other methods. We search for entry/exit points and areas of high traffic. Professionals provide tips to ensure your home/business remains free of cockroaches.

Insect Removal Services

Insect Removal Rexdale

With the latest technology, industry expertise, and commercial-grade products, the Pest Protection Plus team will ensure insects are no longer an issue. Our insect removal services come with a 100% guarantee that if they come back, we will return and reapply free treatments.

Pigeon & Bird Removal Services

Hornet & Wasp Removal Rexdale

Technicians remove hornet and wasp nests using safe, effective methods. We search for areas where nests may reside and treat the area to ensure they don’t return. Furthermore, if they return, we will return and treat the area again for free.

Pest Infestation Prevention Tips

Owners can take preventative measures to secure their premises from unwanted pests and rodents. It is done by making your location unattractive to pests and discouraging them from entering. Common tips include:

  • Examine your property for infestations. Look for gnaw marks/new holes, pellet droppings, night-time scratching sounds, bad smells, and grease marks on the baseboards.
  • Practice good housekeeping; vacuuming and regular sweeping make your location unattractive to pests. Additionally, standing water can attract animals and should be eliminated by owners. 
  • Seal exterior cracks/openings
  • Properly store food in air-tight containers
  • Use vent screens

Pest Shield: Our Residential Pest Control Program

Pest Shield is a 14-month pest removal program. It contains a data-driven and scientifically backed approach for optimized home protection. It safeguards against infestations and protects your home’s value by eliminating pest-related damage. 

Our Triple P Guarantee offers 14 months of:

  • Service warranty—no charge for extra service calls.
  • Priority scheduling when you need service
  • Exterior/interior protection
  • Early access to new products to further protect your home
  • Insights and reporting—reporting, documenting, and recommendations which keep your home protected
  • Access to insights on how to keep your home pest-free
  • Discounts—Members receive 15% off additional services like mosquito/tick control, and wildlife removal.
  • Access to licensed experts to address concerns

Why Choose Us As Your Rexdale Pest Control Solution

Pest Protection Plus provides exceptional, 100% guarantees on most services. If pests return, we reapply treatment at no additional cost. Technicians are available to service you when you need!

Our pest control experts are trained in up-to-date removal techniques and pest control. We provide humane treatment when removing animals from your property and reintroduce them to areas where they can thrive.

Professional-grade products ensure the job is done correctly. We use products that guarantee long-lasting results and provide a barrier to pest re-entry.

Ready to Take Action? Contact Our Team

Pest Protection Plus recommends customers contact us when they first notice signs of infestation. Calling our services immediately allows us to address the situation in its infancy before it becomes a major issue and causes damage to your property. However, no matter what size infestation you are contending with, our experts will provide you with the best results.

If you are interested in pest removal in Rexdale, contact our experts at 647-559-0284 (residential) or 647-905-8246 for our commercial services. You can also fill out our no-obligation form for a free quote or book your appointment here on our website.

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Elaine S
Elaine S
We had a very persistent skunk issue, so we called Pest Protection Plus. They have been very responsive, kept us in the loop on actions and finished the job like there was never an issue. They also went above and beyond and responded after work hours. A special thanks to Ben, Anthony and especially Yuri. The office staff responded quickly and we are very happy with their work. We would highly recommend!
Jasmin MacIntosh
Jasmin MacIntosh
This is an excellent company to deal with. Very professional and a high degree of integrity. Always on time and very helpful. They go beyond their call of duty. Thank you!!!!
Mayra MacKenzie
Mayra MacKenzie
Uri is very knowledgeable and very courteous. Seems like our problem has been solved.
Paul Fletcher
Paul Fletcher
Always great service and pleasant staff to deal with. Very efficient and informative. Would highly recommend
joe fiorini
joe fiorini
Very thorough and efficient
Pia Kleber
Pia Kleber
Excellent experience!
Anubhav Ghosh
Anubhav Ghosh
I had a major skunk problem and Ben was phenomenal. Once you hire them they ll get the job done no matter what it takes.
Adeeb Afzal
Adeeb Afzal
Prompt and professional service. Use them yearly for pest free environment. Excellent results.
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