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Pigeon & Bird Removal Services in the GTA

Pigeon & Bird Removal

Pigeon & Bird Removal Services – Great Prices with Guaranteed Results!

In both urban and rural areas, birds roosting and nesting in our homes and other buildings can be a real problem. The ledges, voids, cracks and crevices of roofs, balconies, signage or other features of the buildings we live and work in provide shelter and protection from pigeons and other birds. As birds build their nests, they bring twigs, scraps, leaves and other ugly waste. They defecate in the areas around their nests, causing unsightly and unsanitary conditions.

Keep birds away with our bird netting and bird spike installation services. Our experienced technicians can custom install nets or spikes in almost any configuration, humanely controlling birds and their nesting around your building. Call today – our trained technicians offer 24×7 service!

Pigeon removal services

Trust the Experts at Pest Protection Plus!

We’re a professional pest control company and we offer professional bird removal and sanitation services in and around the Greater Toronto Area. We thoroughly clean and sanitize an area before we install bird netting or bird spikes, making sure your home, office or other building is safe and sanitary before we make it inaccessible to pigeons and birds.

Pigeon & Bird Feces Sanitation

If birds and pigeons have nested or roosted around your home or property for a while, it is likely they’ve dropped a fair amount of feces. We start by carefully and thoroughly removing the feces so the area is clean and sanitary.

All feces present is physically removed by hand with the aid of a high-powered HEPA-filtered vacuum to reduce the possibility of spreading harmful bacteria to other locations.

The area is then sanitized with vital oxide, which is EPA registered and Health Canada-approved eco-friendly disinfectant. Vital oxide is a hospital grade disinfectant that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2.

Pigeon & Bird Netting Installation

Heavy-duty bird exclusion netting is comprised of polyethylene material to humanely exclude birds of all sizes.

Creating a barrier prevents birds from landing, roosting and defecating on your balcony, preventing erosion or health concerns.

Bird netting provided by Pest Protection Plus carries a 10-year manufacturers guarantee. It is UV resistant, waterproof, flame resistant and will not break down from exposure to the elements.

Nets can be shaped and sized to custom fit your requirements. Once installed, the bird exclusion nets do not hinder the view and keep the area free and clear of birds.

Pigeon & Bird Spike Installation

Pigeons and birds will take advantage of any ledge, void, crack or crevice, leaving a mess of droppings behind.

Installation of bird spikes reduces potential areas for birds to find roosting areas. Preventing birds from landing on such areas is crucial for bird control.

Bird spike installation is most effective on top of signage, conduit, pipes, ledges, voids, overhangs, and brick work. This humanely prevents birds from gathering and roosting.

Bird spikes installed by Pest Protection Plus carries a 5-year manufacturers guarantee for plastic spike and 10-year manufacturers guarantee for stainless steel spikes.

Why Trust Our Bird Removal Services?

Why would you use bird removal services from us instead of other pest control companies in the Toronto area? So glad you asked! Here’s why …

Fast 24 x 7 Service

We are available for you 24/7. Reach out to us at anytime and we can provide a tailored solution to keep you safe and put you at ease!

Affordable Pigeon & Bird Removal Services

Some companies offer cheaper prices but cut corners and do a poor job. Our trained bird removal technicians do the job right, every time!

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee our products for five to ten years (depending on which products we install). You can trust that the job we do keep pigeons and birds at bay for a long time!

Useful Links

Here are some links that you might find useful if you’re dealing with pigeons or birds:


Check out these pigeons and birds facts & FAQ’s.

As we build up our cities and suburban area, the divide between people and wildlife is blurring. While seeking protection from predators and the elements and food sources, many different types of animals target our homes, decks, porches, sheds, garages and other buildings for building their homes and having their babies.

Pigeons and birds are no exception. It’s not unusual to see birds nests in gutters, overhangs, eaves, balconies, light fixtures and outdoor signage on commercial buildings. Built of twigs, sticks, dead leaves and other natural waste material, birds nests can be unsightly, but even worse is the feces that the birds drop while they’re roosting around their nest.

Facts about pigeons

Pigeons’ native habitat isn’t a city or suburban area, like many other types of birds they originally made their homes in wild habitats. The pigeons that you commonly see in our residential areas evolved along the rocky shorelines of North Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. About 5,000 years ago they were domesticated by the Mesopotamia civilization, and they have been commonplace near human populations since.

As pigeons have lived alongside humans, they naturally gravitate to our homes and other buildings because these structures offer safety and protection and ample food sources are usually nearby.

Yes! Pigeons have a natural sense of navigation back to their home, even if they are hundreds of miles away from that place. A pigeon’s directional instinct may have played a role in why they were domesticated 5,000 years ago, as travellers of the time could take them on their journeys and send messages back home by tying notes to the legs of a pigeon.

Absolutely. Just like most wild animal feces, bird feces contains dangerous bacteria and viruses that can be harmful or deadly to people or our pets.

Histoplasmosis is a human health hazard that can be caused by fungus found in bird and bat droppings. Most human cases include only mild symptoms such as fever, shills, headaches, muscle aches, dry cough, chest discomfort and fatigue. However, more severe symptoms (usually in people with compromised immune systems) can affect any part of your body and can be fatal if left untreated.

Of course, all birds have different mating habits and number of young each season. Pigeons, for example, typically lay two eggs at a time and can lay up to six times per year. That means that each mating pair of pigeons can have up to 12 babies per year! Sparrows, another common bird near built up areas, typically raise two to four broods per year, with each brood consisting of two to five eggs.

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Elaine S
Elaine S
We had a very persistent skunk issue, so we called Pest Protection Plus. They have been very responsive, kept us in the loop on actions and finished the job like there was never an issue. They also went above and beyond and responded after work hours. A special thanks to Ben, Anthony and especially Yuri. The office staff responded quickly and we are very happy with their work. We would highly recommend!
Jasmin MacIntosh
Jasmin MacIntosh
This is an excellent company to deal with. Very professional and a high degree of integrity. Always on time and very helpful. They go beyond their call of duty. Thank you!!!!
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Mayra MacKenzie
Uri is very knowledgeable and very courteous. Seems like our problem has been solved.
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Paul Fletcher
Always great service and pleasant staff to deal with. Very efficient and informative. Would highly recommend
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joe fiorini
Very thorough and efficient
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Pia Kleber
Excellent experience!
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Anubhav Ghosh
I had a major skunk problem and Ben was phenomenal. Once you hire them they ll get the job done no matter what it takes.
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Adeeb Afzal
Prompt and professional service. Use them yearly for pest free environment. Excellent results.
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