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Mice Removal Services in the GTA

Mouse Control Services

Mouse Control You Can Trust – Fast Service & Affordable Prices!

Mice and other rodents in your home can be a huge pest! Not only do they leave disgusting droppings wherever they go, but they can cause damage to your food, furniture and other parts of your home! Not only that, but they can carry dangerous disease and bacteria that can be harmful to your family and pets.

Mice can burrow into amazingly small places, and with their sharp teeth and claws they can chew holes to get to wherever they want. Like many types of household pests, they’re looking for a warm and safe place to build a nest, and somewhere where there’s a plentiful food supply. If you don’t get rid of mice or rats quickly they can have babies, making the problem a lot worse!

Mouse control services

Trust the Experts at Pest Protection Plus!

We’re a professional pest control company and we offer professional rodent, rat and mouse control services in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Rats and mice find a way into your home and set up a nest in hard-to-reach areas like in walls, beneath cabinetry, or in your attic. Rats and mice will forage for food, chewing their way into boxes of cereal and other foods. Our trained experts use a combination of traps, bait stations, and glue boards to get rid of rodents, and they’ll seal up any accessible entry points so they don’t come back!

Pest Protection Plus System:

If you suspect you have a mouse infestation in your home, our licensed technicians at Pest Protection Plus Inc. can help! We have a lot of experience dealing with mice infestations across the GTA in all settings: inside homes & businesses, as well as outside homes and businesses. We work with the most up to date technology and cutting edge products to deliver fast, efficient results with long term prevention. Here is what to expect from a mouse service from Pest Protection Plus Inc.

Step 1: Exterior Inspection

All services start off by having our technician complete a comprehensive exterior inspection of the area. The trained eye of the technician looks for natural food sources, harborage areas and other potential resources that draw mice into the area. A comprehensive inspection of the exterior of the dwelling is then completed. The technicians will note any current entry points that mice can use, as well as potential future issues and helpful tips to keep the outside of your dwelling secure from rodents.

Step 2: Interior Inspection & Treatment

Inside of the home our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection to isolate nesting areas, food sources and routes of travel. All areas of the home will be inspected including the garage, attic, basement and kitchen. Any areas that activity is noted will be treated with commercial grade products in a manner that is safe for people, pets and children. Any placement of product in an area where there are people will be kept in a secured device under lock and key.

Step 3: Follow up Assessment & Additional Treatment

Because mice are able to breed so efficiently and all year round, often by the time you notice the signs, there is quite a few mice that need to be eliminated. We schedule follow up assessments according to the findings and infestation level noted on the initial service. This allows adequate time for treatment to take hold and eliminate the mice. On the follow up we inspect all of the devices used and check for new feeding and other signs. All devices are replenished for further elimination if needed, as well as long term prevention.

Step 4: Secure and Prevent

When the technician confirms that the infestation has been eliminated due to no activity on the devices and no reported activity, we move to the secure and prevent stage. At this point, the areas of concern around the ground level exterior of the home are secured. All devices that are installed during the service will be replenished and left in the dwelling in the high risk areas to act as prevention against future services!

Why Trust Our Mouse Control Services?

Why would you use rat and mouse control services from us instead of other pest control companies in the Toronto area? So glad you asked! Here’s why

Fast 24 x 7 Service

We are available 24/7! If you see or hear a mouse in your home, reach out to us and we can provide a tailored plan to keep you safe!

Affordable Mouse Control Services

Some companies offer cheaper prices but cut corners and do a poor job. Our trained mouse exterminators do the job right, every time!

Results You Can Trust

All of the services that we offer are covered by our warranty to ensure that we eradicate the issue and keep you safe.

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Dealing with Mice ?

Check out these fast facts about mice.

Mice, rats and other rodents can be a pain if they’re in your house. They can carry disease and parasites and leave dropping just about anywhere they go. They can damage food, furniture, walls, and just about anything else they can get their sharp teeth on.

Check out these facts facts about mice, rats and other rodents.

Professional mice extermination services

Frequently Asked Questions

In the wild, mice are herbivores so live off fruits, seeds and grains. Indoors, mice will look for these types of food so cereals are an especially tasty treat for mice. However, mice will scrounge for anything they can get their paws on, so don’t be surprised to find chew holes in garbage bags and any other types of food they can reach.

If you find chewed up paper in your home, it’s not because the mouse has been eating it, it is because the mouse is gathering materials for it’s nest. Mice build nests in protective places that are hard for humans to reach. They chew on things around your home and take them back to their nest for padding and insulation.

Mice give birth to litters of 3 to 14 babies – called a mouse pup or pinky – up to 10 times per year. That means that if mice do set up a nest in your home, it’s important to get rid of them completely otherwise the problem can quickly grow.

The tell-tale sign of mouse droppings is the presence of “black rice”. Mouse droppings are small, black and granular shaped. They are roughly 3-6mm in length and can be found in clusters. As droppings age, they will gradually go lighter in colour. (attach pic of mouse droppings?)

Mouse droppings when they are fresh are a clay like consistency, and over time they dry up and get very hard. The texture and colour of the dropping is a great indicator of how recent there was mouse activity. The older the droppings are, the harder and lighter in colour they become.

Rat droppings are much larger than mouse droppings. Rat droppings are around .5”-1” in length, and mice droppings are only 3-6 mm in length. Rats often (not always) will hide their droppings in hidden areas out of sight, whereas mice will leave their droppings out in the open and around food that they are feeding off of.

Mice are always seeking 3 main things: heat, nesting material and food. Most dwellings provide an abundance of these necessities that allow mice to thrive, especially in areas that have colder seasons. Mice love to nest and keep warm inside of insulation in ceilings and walls, but can also shred up fabric and paper materials to build a nest almost anywhere. If there are food sources: grains, oils, dry stored goods, compost, leftover food etc, the mice will thrive. 

Mice can get into areas less than ¼”. A good gauge is that anything a pencil can fit into, a mouse can fit into. It is very common for mice to get into cracks and crevices around the exterior of a structure. Common spots include where utilities go into the home (gas, electric, water etc). Over time, the caulking sealing the hole can break away providing a great entry point for mice to enter and exit the home. Another very common spot is under doors that do not seal to the ground, or have damaged weather strips that allow the mice to enter from underneath. Even if all these areas are sealed and secure, mice often will climb right up a brick exterior and tuck themselves under the soffit to access into the attic.

Mice are nocturnal, meaning that they are active during the night (dusk until dawn). Mice will do their travel, gathering and feeding during these hours. If you hear scratching in your ceiling or walls between these times, it is most likely mice moving throughout the insulation. Although they are nocturnal, if they feel threatened, or have an opportunity at a food source during the day, they will be active and can be seen/heard.

Look for the most obvious signs of an infestation. Look for mouse droppings throughout the home, especially in the kitchen (under the sink and behind the stove), anywhere where there is dry food stored and around the perimeters of the home. Mice will also chew and the gnaw marks can be visible on dried food products, plastics, weather stripping, wires and different types of food. Mice will also build nests that you can find. Nests that mice build consist of any material that can be shredded like paper, cotton, cardboard etc. Hearing mice in the walls and attic between dusk and dawn is another way to identify a mouse infestation. If the mice have been nesting and living in an area for a long time, the smell of urine can be quite strong and be another identification indicator of an infestation,

Predators are the main factor that limit the average lifespan of mice. Outside in the wild most mice will not make it to a year, and often much less due to being so low on the food chain. With this being said, if mice are living in a protected environment with access to food; such as inside of your home, they can live for up to 3 years!

A single female mouse can have up to 8 litters per year of 6 babies each. The young reach sexual maturity by 6 weeks and will start to breed with eachother, hence why infestations can happen so quickly.

If mice get into any food, it is recommended to discard all of the food as it could be contaminated. If there are areas where you have seen mice travel and or there is urine and feces, bleach is a great way to disinfect the area. Always wear proper PPE when working around contaminated areas.

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