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Pest Control, Rodent Control, and Wildlife Removal Services in Maple, Ontario by Pest Protection Plus

About Pest Protection Plus:

Welcome to Pest Protection Plus in Maple. Leveraging a decade of experience, we’re well-versed in addressing the unique challenges of Maple’s fast-growing communities and green spaces. Our skilled team offers humane and sustainable solutions.

Pest Control in Maple: Not Just an Inconvenience

The Problem:

From mosquitos to hornets, Maple faces a range of pests that can damage property and pose health risks.

Our Solution:

Specialized for Maple’s environment, our eco-friendly treatments are effective and come with a guarantee.

Why Choose Us?

Focused on Maple’s specific pest challenges, we employ advanced technology and research-based methods to secure your sanctuary.

Maple pest control and wildlife removal services

Wildlife Removal in Maple: Compassionate and Effective

The Challenge:

Maple’s expansion into natural areas attracts wildlife like squirrels and raccoons, often venturing into residential zones.

Our Approach:

Using ethical wildlife removal practices, we aim to keep your home free from intruders while respecting local fauna.

Expertise Matters:

Grounded in local ecology, our strategies offer long-term solutions that consider Maple’s unique environment.

Rodent Control in Maple: Holistic Security

The Health Risk:

Rodents in Maple are a dual threat, posing health risks and causing structural damage.

Our Strategy:

Beyond traps and baits, we identify and seal entry points for comprehensive protection, both inside and outside your home.

The Pest Protection Plus Advantage:

Our adherence to health and safety standards guarantees a pest-free environment, safeguarding your Maple investment.

Educational Resources: Empower Yourself

Our Maple-centric educational content helps you take proactive measures against local pests and wildlife.

Choose Pest Protection Plus for a dependable, humane, and thorough pest control solution in Maple. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Pest Protection Plus provides pest control services in Maple that you can count on!

We offer 24×7 emergency service, our technicians are all trained and experienced, and we guarantee our work!

What Type of Pest Are You Dealing With?​

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Preferred method
Susan Noylander
Susan Noylander
The service went very well. Everything they were doing was explained to us in detail. The two service people were courteous and thorough. Susan
Katherine Pereira
Katherine Pereira
Very thorough investigation of the property. Punctually kept the appointment and advised of the timing. The property owner was very happy with this service.
catherine tsang
catherine tsang
Very Good, professional and thorogh. Thank you for your service.
Massimo Terenzi
Massimo Terenzi
Ben is the ultimate professional, talk about going above and beyond, he took the time and explained everything involved in the job, and when it came time to doing the job you can tell he knew his stuff, there is no other I would trust to work on my house but Pest Protection Plus. Ben, I cant thank you enough!!!
Socrates Celestial
Socrates Celestial
The gentleman were courteous and knowledgeable. Excellent professionals. They represent your company well.
Marvin Mitchell
Marvin Mitchell
Super profesional and knowledgeable. Got the job done! You can depend on these guys. Thanks Alison!
Whatever The Pest… We Do It Best!
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