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Rat & Mouse Control You Can Trust – Fast Service & Affordable Prices!

Pest Protection Plus :: Professional Rodent, Rat & Mouse Control Services You Can Trust!

Rats, mice and other rodents in your home can be a huge pest! Not only do they leave disgusting droppings wherever they go, but they can cause damage to your food, furniture and other parts of your home! Not only that, but they can carry dangerous disease and bacteria that can be harmful to your family and pets.

Rats and mice can burrow into amazingly small places, and with their sharp teeth and claws they can chew holes to get to wherever they want. Like many types of household pests, they’re looking for a warm and safe place to build a nest, and somewhere where there’s a plentiful food supply. If you don’t get rid of mice or rats quickly they can have babies, making the problem a lot worse!

Trust the Experts at Pest Protection Plus!

We’re a professional pest control company and we offer professional rodent, rat and mouse control services in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Rats and mice find a way into your home and set up a nest in hard-to-reach areas like in walls, beneath cabinetry, or in your attic. Rats and mice will forage for food, chewing their way into boxes of cereal and other foods. Our trained experts use a combination of traps, bait stations, and glue boards to get rid of rodents, and they’ll seal up any accessible entry points so they don’t come back!

Why Trust Our Rat and Mouse Control Services?

Why would you use rat and mouse control services from us instead of other pest control companies in the Toronto area?

So glad you asked! Here’s why …

Pest Protection Plus :: Fast 24x7 Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Service

Fast 24 x 7 Service

We offer 24×7 service, so even if you hear scratching and scurrying in your kitchen at 3am, give us a call and we’ll send a technician out!

Pest Protection Plus :: Affordable Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Service

Affordable Rat & Mouse Control Services

Some companies offer cheaper prices but cut corners and do a poor job. Our trained mouse exterminators do the job right, every time!

Pest Protection Plus :: Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Service with Guaranteed Results

Results You Can Trust

We’ll put down traps to catch any mice, rats or rodents already in your home, but we’ll also seal off entry points so they can’t get back in!

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