Spiders & Insects Facts & FAQ’s

///Spiders & Insects Facts & FAQ’s
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Dealing a Spider or Insect Infestation?

Check out these spiders & insects facts & FAQ’s.

Pest Protection Plus :: House Spiders Facts & FAQ's

Spiders and insects seem to be coming inside our homes more and more these days. Maybe it’s because of all the commercial and residential building that’s going on around the GTA or maybe it has more to do with the changing weather patterns.

Either way, even though the insects and spiders you’re likely to find in your home aren’t dangerous, they’re not pleasant to have around. Here are some interesting facts and FAQ’s about insects and spiders you might find in your home.

What Are the Most Common Types of Household Spiders?

There are three types of spiders that most people find in their homes. The first is the common house spider (parasteatoda tepidariorum) – this is a brown spider with a teardrop-shaped papery brown egg sac. If you find a spider with long skinny legs and a small round body, you’ve probably found a longbodied cellar spider (pholcus phalangioides). Found a small fuzzy spider that jumps around? Chances are it’s a bold jumper (phidippus audax).

Are Spiders Dangerous?

Any spiders that you encounter in southern Ontario are likely not dangerous. There are only two types of North American spiders that have dangerous bites – the recluse spider and the black widow spider – but these are found in the more southern regions of North America and aren’t generally found in Canada.

Spiders are actually generally helpful to people. Because their diet consists of other insects they are an important part of controlling the insect population.

What Are the Most Common Types of Household Insects?

You’re likely to find a bigger variety of insects in your home than spiders. Some of the insects you might come across are centipedes (Scutigera coleoptrata) – with long, skinny bodies and what seems like hundreds of legs these critters scurry away pretty quickly. You might also find a silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) – a smaller insect with two antenna on it’s head and three prongs on it’s tail. With their distinctive orangey-red domed bodies with black spots, you’re more than likely to come across ladybugs (Coccinella magnifica) during the spring or early summer months.

What Do Insects Eat?

Insects have a diverse diet because they have evolved by being able to eat pretty much anything they can get their jaws on. Many insects eat other types of smaller insects. Insects commonly eat dead or decaying plant material or wood. Insects also generally don’t like the light and avoid people, which is why you’re likely to find them in dark damp corners of basements or sheds.

If I Have Insects Does It Mean My Home is Dirty?

Absolutely not! Insects have been around for hundreds of millions of years and they’ve survived because they’re pretty adaptable. Like other wildlife and pests, spiders and insects are just looking for a safe place to live and tend to set up near a food source. They’ll pretty much eat anything, which means that you’ll find them anywhere in your home – dirty or clean!

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