What Health Risks Do Mice Cause?

12 February 2022

Health Risks That Mice Cause:


A mice infestation is a nuisance, but did you know that they pose a major health risk to you and your family? Aside from being disgusting and pesky, having rodents inside your house can be extremely harmful for you and your family’s health. Even though you or your kids might not get bitten by mice directly, these rodents that are near or in your house can carry various diseases that are dangerous to the members of your family.

Ticks and fleas can bite mice and bite a human. The process passes on diseases with no direct contact with mice in your house. Allergens could be found in mouse dander or urine that can affect millions of people in Canada every year. The simple presence of a mice infestation in your house can be very unhealthy for your entire family. This is why it is important to control these rodents sooner than later.

Mice are notorious carriers of different diseases, viruses, parasites, and bacteria and can infect you and your family with problems including the following:

HPS or Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

Since it was identified back in 1993, this disease already caused over 500 fatalities. HPS causes symptoms similar to flu that can result to respiratory distress and renal failure. It is more likely for children to contract the disease compared to adults. This can be passed on in areas with mice infestations through the mice urine or feces and is fatal in over half its cases.

LCM or Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis

LCM is a viral infection acquired when a person breathes in dust containing mouse droppings or urine. Its symptoms include headache, fever, lack of appetite, and nausea. With no proper treatment, the disease may cause brain damage.

Airborne Mouse Allergen

A surprising cause of asthma, allergens from rodents can spread in the air and contracted by kids, specifically those in suburban homes and inner-city areas with mice infestations. Allergies, breathing difficulties, and other illnesses related to asthma may be the result of rodent exposure.

Leptospirosis Found in a Mice Infestation

The saliva of animals, including rodents, carry a bacteria that cause this disease. This can cause muscle pain, vomiting, fever, headache, jaundice, chills, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and rash. With no proper treatment, this disease may cause liver failure, respiratory concerns, meningitis, kidney issues, or even death.

Rat Bite Fever From a Mice Infestation

Misnamed since a rat doesn’t have to bite a human to pass on the disease. Rat Bite Fever is the result of either skin contact with rodents or through ingestion of contaminated foods or beverages. It may cause chills, vomiting, headache, muscle pain, or fever up to 3 months after bacteria exposure. Improper treatment can lead to long-term damage.

Weil’s Disease

Patients with Leptospirosis may find this developing into Weil’s disease up to 10 percent of the time. it may result to internal bleeding or organ failure.

Salmonella Caused by a Mice Infestation

In areas with mice infestations, feces of rodents can contaminate the food you eat and cause this painful intestinal disorder that is basically a food

poisoning strain. While there are few deaths related to this disease, this can be a very painful and dangerous disease that can be transmitted among humans because of poor hand washing, specifically in children.

Never let mice compromise your health. Hire a reliable pest control company to help you get rid of mice for good!


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