Raccoons In Urban Areas

4 March 2022

Why Raccoons are in urban  areas like Toronto:

People think that raccoons are mainly found in forested rural areas, this is not the case. Raccoons do live in “the wild” but they thrive in urban areas like Toronto and the gta. These animals are equipped with opposing thumbs that allow them to grip and open nearly anything. Cities have an abundance of both food and shelter for these bandits. Toronto and the gta is one of the most well known areas with a high population of raccoons.

What Do Raccoons Eat In Toronto and Urban Areas?

Raccoons are omnivores, so they feed off of almost anything. In cities like Toronto, Mississauga and other parts of the gta, they mainly feed on “garbage”. People and businesses garbage contains left over food and other compostable material that is very appetizing to these critters. In areas where they do not have access to trash, they feed off of earth worms, rodents, berries and many other natural foods. The garbage and other food sources left accessible to raccoons causes them to take up residence in highly populated urban areas. They nest close to where they eat.

Damage Caused By Raccoons Feeding:

Many people complain about raccoons ruining their gardens. These animals like vegetables such as corn and tomatoes and fruits such as apples and berries. When raccoons find gardens with these in them it leads to destruction. Raccoons will communicate and often devour ripe food in groups in only a few nights. Lawns being torn up by raccoons is also a big issue. The raccoons will rip up grass to get at grubs and earthworms to feed off of.

How to Deal With Raccoon Issues:

Dealing with these issues can be done by blocking off areas they are getting into, using deterrents such as predator scents or trapping and relocating. Professional wildlife removal companies are licensed to humanely capture or trap raccoons. Relocation of raccoons can solve the issue at hand.

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