Humane Raccoon Removal & Exclusion Explained

15 December 2022

Humane Raccoon Removal & Exclusion:

Raccoons are a common sight in the greater Toronto area, but they can cause damage to property and spread disease. If you have raccoons on your property, it’s important to remove them in a humane way.

One of the most effective ways to remove raccoons is through a process called “humane exclusion.” This involves identifying how the raccoons are getting into your property and then sealing off those entry points. This will prevent the raccoons from returning, without causing them any harm.

When it comes to identifying entry points, it’s important to remember that raccoons are very agile and adaptable animals. They can climb trees, fences, and even enter through chimneys and vents. So, it’s important to thoroughly inspect your property to identify any potential entry points.

Once you’ve identified the entry points, you can begin the process of sealing them off. This can be as simple as installing a chimney cap or vent cover, or as involved as repairing holes in your roof or walls. Whatever the case may be, the goal is to make it impossible for the raccoons to get back in.

It’s important to remember that this process should be done carefully and with consideration for the raccoons. They may have young in the nest, and you don’t want to separate the mother from her babies. So, it’s important to check for any signs of raccoon young, such as cries or movement in the nest, before beginning the exclusion process.

Raccoon Prevention:

Once you’ve sealed off the entry points and made sure the raccoons are out, it’s important to take steps to prevent them from returning. This can include removing any potential food sources, such as garbage cans or bird feeders, and trimming back any trees or branches that could provide access to your roof or upper floors.

Long Term Benefit of Humane Raccoon Removal & Exclusion

In addition to being humane, exclusion is also a more effective and long-term solution than other methods of raccoon removal, such as trapping or poisoning. These methods can be inhumane, and they may not solve the underlying problem of access to your property.

Overall, if you have raccoons on your property in the greater Toronto area, the best thing to do is to use humane exclusion to remove them. This will keep both you and the raccoons safe, and it will prevent the raccoons from returning. By taking these steps, you can coexist with raccoons in a way that’s safe and humane for everyone.


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