Checking a Wildlife Humane Live Trap

17 January 2023

Wildlife Humane Live Trap

A wildlife humane live trap is a tool used to capture wild animals without causing them harm. These traps are used by animal control officers, wildlife removal companies and homeowners. The traps are used to safely remove animals from residential or commercial properties. Before checking a live trap, it is important to understand the laws and regulations surrounding the trapping of wild animals in your area. 

Checking The Trap

To check if an animal is in a live trap, approach the trap slowly and quietly to avoid startling the animal. Observe the trap from a distance to ensure that the animal is not injured or in distress. If the animal appears to be unharmed, approach the trap and open the door.  Ensure you are not blocking the exit point with your body position. Make sure to release the animal in an appropriate location, such as a nearby natural area.

Personal Protective Equipment

When checking a live trap, it’s important to use gloves to protect yourself from diseases, as wild animals may carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. If you’re not comfortable with handling wild animals, it is best to contact a professional for assistance.

It’s also important to note that when the trap is empty, it should be reset and checked again in a few hours. Some animals may take longer to enter the trap, so patience is key.

In summary, checking a humane live trap for an animal is a delicate process. It requires patience, caution, and an understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding the trapping of wild animals in your area. Always approach the trap slowly and quietly. Use appropriate protective equipment, and avoid releasing an injured or distressed animal. If you’re unsure about the animal’s condition, contact a wildlife rehab or animal control officer for assistance.


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