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2 March 2020

As the pesky rodents have taken some time off to hibernate during the winter months, we’ve been hard at work getting ready for them to wake up and start wreaking havoc on homeowners across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Here are some of the things that we’ve been working on to make Pest Protection Plus the most trusted and reliable pest control company in the GTA!

  • We’ve Added a Blog – But since you’re reading our new blog, we guess that you probably already know that. We’re going to jam our blog full of helpful hints for keeping the critters at bay this year, special offers for services that you just might need, and exclusive discounts! Be sure to check back in with us on a regular basis to see what we’ve got going on next, or sign up for our newsletter to have all this goodness delivered straight to your inbox!
  • We’ve Added a Newsletter – Did we mention that we’ve added a brand-new email newsletter? Oh, we did, right there in the last line of the previous point. We hate it when we spoil our own surprises. We’ll take all the awesome sauce we’re posting on our blog and pack it into a monthly newsletter so you can stay current all the time! So, if you have already signed up for our newsletter then keep an eye out for it, and if you haven’t then scroll down to the bottom of this page and get in on the action!
  • Have You Heard About Our Pest Guard Home Protection Plan? You know what’s better than choosing Pest Protection Plus to deal with pests or wildlife that have slithered their way into your home? Choosing Pest Protection Plus to make sure these critters don’t make it into your home in the first place! Check out our Pest Guard Home Protection Plan page for more details and set up an appointment for a full protection plan for your home.
  • We’ve Moved – We’re super pleased to announce that we’ve moved our pest control headquarters to Kennedy Road in Mississauga. This is where our brilliant pest control minds will gather to figure out how to keep the world’s pest and wildlife population in check. It’ll also allow us to serve you better and faster!
  • We’re Feeling the HomeStars Love – Homestars is a trusted resource for many homeowners looking for residential services, so we’ve set up camp there, too. Currently, we’re rocking a 98% rating and we are hard at working making that better. If you’ve used Pest Protection Plus and were happy with our services, please spread some love over on HomeStars and let others know just how good we are!

As you can see, we have been keeping plenty busy! Stay tuned for more great pest and wildlife control information and if you want in on special offers, make sure you sign up for our newsletter!

Until next time, we hope the critters leave you alone, but if they don’t, always remember …

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