Avoiding Having to Deal with Wasps & Hornets This Summer

11 June 2021

Raccoons, skunks and squirrels have come out of hibernation for the winter and had their first batch of babies, and that has kept us quite busy as we’re helping homeowners kick unwanted guests out of their homes and safeguard entry points so new nuisance wildlife can’t get in. But as the summer temperatures start rising, we’re getting ready to deal with wasps and hornets in the weeks and months ahead. Wasps and hornets can be dangerous to deal with, so here are some things that you can do now to help discourage them from building nests on your property.

Keeping Wasps & Hornets Away from Your Home

Here are some easy things that you can do to discourage wasps and hornets from building their nests around your property this summer:

  • Keep an Eye Out for Increased Activity –Before wasps and hornets build a nest, they have a good look around for the ideal place to build. Regularly walk around your property and be on the lookout for wasps or hornets that seem to be lingering: these could be the early scouts looking for a good place to build a nest.
  • Regularly Check Your Structures – As well as looking for wasps or hornets looking for a place to build, keep an eye out for small starter nests. Wasps and hornets always build a new nest each year, so nests always start out small. Wasps prefer to build on homes or other buildings, especially under eaves or other overhangs. Wasps prefer a more natural habitat like higher branches in trees. Keep an eye open for small nests that are easier and safer to remove then when they bigger and more established.
  • Keep Your Property Clean & Clear – One of the main things wild animals and insects look for when building a nest is access to food and water. Leaving food and beverages in your backyard is a sure way to invite unwanted pests, so clear away any leftover food and drinks once you’re done eating. You should also try and keep your property clear of the building materials wasps and hornets use to build their nests: their nests are largely made from dead wood fibers, so try and clear out any dead trees, old bushes or rotting wooden furniture.
  • Hang a Fake Nest – Wasps and hornets are very territorial, so if they see a “nest” already in an area they’re more likely to move on to look for another spot. Hardware stores sell decoy wasps nests (paper replicas of the real thing) so hanging a couple of fake nests around your property might help discourage the building of new nests.

Removing a Wasp or Hornet Nest

Trying to remove a wasp or hornets nest can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There are different spray chemicals that you can buy in stores, but these aren’t always effective and don’t always kill all of the insects inside the nest. Even if you do kill all of the wasps or hornets, you still have to remove the nest, which can also be dangerous if you have to climb up and remove it from beneath an eave or gutter. Wasps and hornets are always to and from the nest looking for new building materials, food and water. If insects return to find the nest being sprayed or removed, they can get very aggressive and either sting you themselves or produce pheromones to rally other wasps or hornets to attack in groups to protect the nest.

All things considered, removing a wasp or hornet nest can be very dangerous, so we recommend calling in skilled professionals to use the right products and do the job properly.

Prepare Your Property for Wasps & Hornets

When it comes to dealing with wasps and hornets, prevention is a much better approach than cure. Wasps and hornets can be very aggressive if they feel threatened, and their stings can be painful or even deadly. Take some time before wasp and hornet season gets here by keeping your property clear of food and beverages and dead wood, and keep a vigilant eye open for insects looking to build a new nest or starter nests that are much easier to take care of before they get big.

If you do find a wasp or hornet nest on your property, call the professionals at Pest Protection Plus. Our technicians are fully trained, and we use professional grade products that you can’t buy at the store. We offer 24×7 service at affordable prices, and our customers love the work that we do for them!


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