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Are Raccoons Active In The Winter? Yes!

Do Raccoons Hibernate During The Winter? If you wake up sometime in the middle of the night to the sound of someone walking on or inside your roof, it is a raccoon! Raccoons are the top contender for food that is left around your property, and the nice warm home inside of your attic. They love to nest in the [...]

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What Health Risks Do Mice Cause?

A mice infestation is a nuisance, but did you know that they pose a major health risk to you and your family? Aside from being disgusting and pesky, having rodents inside your house can be extremely harmful for you and your family’s health. Even though you or your kids might not get bitten by mice directly, these rodents that are [...]

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Avoiding Having to Deal with Wasps & Hornets This Summer

Raccoons, skunks and squirrels have come out of hibernation for the winter and had their first batch of babies, and that has kept us quite busy as we’re helping homeowners kick unwanted guests out of their homes and safeguard entry points so new nuisance wildlife can’t get in. But as the summer temperatures start rising, we’re getting ready to [...]

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Some Serious Health Risks Nuisance Wildlife Can Pose

The season is in full swing and we’re fielding more skunk, raccoon and other wildlife calls than we ever have in the past. And while these nuisance pests are up to their usual damaging tricks, we’ve seen a couple of news stories lately that suggest that they’re starting to pose more serious threats to people and pets than just [...]

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Ready for Another Round of Baby Squirrels?

The kids are getting ready to go back to school, and with the recent run of cool temperatures, it’s not hard to believe that fall is just around the corner. Fall means that squirrels are having their second litter of the year, and here are some helpful hints for how to make sure that baby squirrels don’t become an [...]

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How to Treat a Bee Sting, Wasp Sting or Hornet Sting

Late summer is the most active time for bees, wasps and hornets as they’ve made their nests, laid their eggs and start preparing for the winter hibernation. Also, as children are out of school, they’re more likely to encounter stinging insects, or worse, disturb a nest. Here are some helpful tips for how to treat a bee sting, wasp sting, [...]

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How to Tell the Difference Between Wasps, Hornets and Bees

It’s that time of the summer when you’re likely to see more hornets and wasps flying around your property, or even worse, building nests. But with their striped bodies, dark and light markings and hovering flight, how do you tell the difference between wasps, hornets and bees? Here are some easy ways you can differentiate between these three types [...]

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Don’t Let Unwanted Bugs Spoil Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is here, and for many lucky families that means summer vacations! Bringing unwanted bugs home is one of the main ways people get bed bug or cockroach infestations in their homes, so here are some tips to help keep unwelcome bugs from hitching a ride home with you from your summer vacation destination. . Check What Bugs You [...]

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Understanding Lyme Disease & Tick Prevention Tips

Lyme disease has slowly made its way into the media spotlight over the past few years. Reported cases of Lyme disease are on the rise, and this serious illness got even more attention when Canadian singer Avril Lavigne revealed that she was dealing with Lyme disease in 2015. Here’s what you need to know about Lyme disease and some [...]

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The Risks & Perils of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

Have you ever thought doing your own pest control? Have you ever turned to Google for how to trap a raccoon or skunk, or the safest way to remove a hornets nest? Hardware stores make it easy to try and do some of these things yourself by selling you all the products you think you need. But beware: trapping and [...]