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Get Rid of Spiders & Insects – Fast Service with Guaranteed Results!

Pest Protection Plus :: Get Rid of Spiders & Insects with Our Professional Services!

Spider and insect infestations seem on the rise in southern Ontario. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a poisonous spider in your home – there are two species of spiders that are considered dangerous to humans (the recluse spider and the black widow spider) but they aren’t found in Canada.

Common types of insects that you’ll find in your home include lady bugs, silverfish, pill bugs, Carpet beetles and Elderbox beetles. And even though all of the spiders and insects you’ll find in your home are harmless, they’re still creepy and can make your skin crawl so are better off removed!

Chemicals that you buy in the stores don’t work as well as the professional grade chemicals our trained technicians use.

Trust the Experts at Pest Protection Plus!

If you’re looking for a professional pest control company to get rid of spiders or insects in your home, look no further than the experts at Pest Protection Plus! Our trained technicians use commercial grade spider and insect treatments to make sure that our treatments are fully effective and last a long time. You can buy chemicals at the store but they’re not as strong, and aren’t as effective if you don’t apply them properly.

We Provide a 100% Guarantee!

Our results are 100% guaranteed! If your spider or insect infestation comes back within three months of Pest Protection Plus visiting your home to get rid of spiders or insects, we’ll come back … absolutely FREE!

Why Trust Us to Get Rid of Spiders?

Why would you call us to get rid of spiders and insects in your home when there are so many other companies you could call?

So glad you asked! Here’s why …

Pest Protection Plus :: Fast 24x7 Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Service

Fast 24 x 7 Service

We offer 24×7 service, so even if you find an insect or spider infestation at 3am, give us a call and we’ll send a technician out!

Pest Protection Plus :: Affordable Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Service

An Affordable Way to Get Rid of Spiders

You could buy spider or insect chemicals from the store, but we provide an affordable way to get rid of spiders so you don’t have to!

Pest Protection Plus :: Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Service with Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

We’re so confident in the quality of our work that if you use our spider and insect removal services that if the spiders or insects come back within three months, so will we – at no additional cost!

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