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Get Rid of Cockroaches with Professional Services You Can Trust!

Pest Protection Plus :: Get Rid of Cockroaches With Our Professional Cockroach Removal Services!

Dealing with cockroaches in your home is a very unpleasant experience. These pests are dirty, contaminate food and surfaces with feces, and can carry diseases and cause asthma and eczema. To make things worse, they spread easily and can readily slip into your luggage on a business trip, and they reproduce quickly so a single cockroach can become an infestation very quickly.

Cockroaches are resilient and are very difficult to get rid of. Store bought chemicals aren’t strong enough and many people don’t use them properly, wasting time and money and not getting rid of the problem.

Call Pest Protection Plus and we’ll send one of our professionally trained pest control experts to get rid of cockroaches in your home for good!

Trust the Experts at Pest Protection Plus!

We’re a professional pest control company and we get rid of cockroaches from homes, hotels and anywhere else in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Cockroaches can get into your home any numbers of ways – from a hotel you stayed at on a business trip to a move theater and even from the school that your kids go to. Cockroaches breed very quickly, so a single cockroach can quickly turn into an infestation within just a few weeks.

Cockroaches can carry diseases and illnesses such as salmonella, typhoid, dysentery and gastroenteritis. Their feces can causes breathing difficulties and skin rashes in some people.

Store bought chemicals aren’t strong enough to properly get rid of a cockroach infestation so after a while the cockroaches will come back. Our trained pest control experts use professional grade chemicals to kill them and get rid of cockroaches permanently!

Why Trust Our Cockroach Removal Services?

Why would let the experts at Pest Protection Plus get rid of cockroaches in your home or office when other companies offer the same services?

So glad you asked! Here’s why …

Pest Protection Plus :: Fast 24x7 Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Service

Fast 24 x 7 Service

We offer 24×7 service, so even if you find cockroaches scampering around your kitchen at 2am give us a call and we’ll send a technician out!

Pest Protection Plus :: Affordable Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Service

An Affordable Way to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Some companies offer cheaper prices but cut corners and do a poor job. Our trained cockroach removal experts do the job right, every time!

Pest Protection Plus :: Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Service with Guaranteed Results

Results You Can Trust

In some cases, it may take several applications to get rid of cockroaches completely. Our technicians are professionally trained and we use only the best chemicals, so you can trust that you’ll be happy with the results!

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