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When you say something nice about yourself it’s called bragging. But when others say something nice about you, it’s a compliment.

Check out what some of our customers have to say about our amazing pest & wildlife control services!

A raccoon got into my kitchen in the middle of the night; I was terrified! Pest Protection Plus was there within the hour, captured the creature and sealed off the area that it gained access to.

Alanna M.

I moved into a new apartment in Toronto, to my surprise it was full of roaches. PPP did 2 treatments and I haven’t seen a roach since!

Andrew W.

I had bites all over me and had no idea what it was from. Pest Protection Plus Inc. came in did an inspection and showed me the bed bugs in my mattress. I could not sleep in my bed once I saw them. After getting a bedbug treatment I no longer get any bites and I can sleep sound in my bed again!

Victoria C.

I kept hearing noises above my bed at night. I thought I had mice and called PPP in. During their initial roof/attic inspection it turns out there were squirrels living in my attic. The technician got the squirrels out and left me a written guarantee.

Adrian T.

After my dog got fleas they were all over my house and jumping/biting my children. I called in Pest Protection Plus to treat my house while the vet treated my dog. The service was terrific and the technician was very knowledgeable and professional.

Rupesh I.

During the summer months, wasps became a serious problem in my back yard. My 2 girls 3 and 6 could not play safely. Pest Protection Plus sent out a technician the same day that I called, the nest was removed and I was left with the comfort of a guarantee. Thanks!

Jordan S.

I noticed a family of raccoons sleeping on my roof one hot summer day. Upon inspection the technician explained to me that the raccoon had also ripped one of the roof vents off so that it could seek shelter. Not only did they remove the animal, but they also sealed all roof vents as a preventative measure. Thanks for all of the help!

Khoi L.
A family of skunks was living around my house; I couldn’t stand the smell. I called up PPP in the middle of night when I the smell became unbearable. Through trapping and relocation they took care of my problem and I no longer have a stinky smell around my house.
Ruby & Lily M.

I’ve always had mice in my house and taken care of them myself. One winter an infestation got too big for me to handle. I got PPP in and they not only took care of my current problem, but set me up on a long term preventative plan.

Bert P.

Pest Protection Plus provides professional pest & wildlife control services and great customer service!

We offer 24×7 emergency service, our technicians are all
trained and experienced, and we guarantee our work!

What Type of Pest Are You Dealing With?

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  • Skunks
  • Squirrels
  • Mice & rats

Why Pest Protection Plus?

We provide professional wildlife & pest control services in Mississauga and throughout the GTA. We offer 24×7 emergency response, and we guarantee the work of our trained technicians!

  • 24×7 fast, reliable and emergency service
  • Licensed technicians, certified and insured
  • Humane handling of animals
  • Unmarked vehicles
  • Servicing residential, commercial & industrial properties

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