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Rat Habits: Nesting & Feeding

Where do rats live, nest and feed It is believed that the rat population on earth is almost twice as large as humans. The average lifespan of rats is only from one year to two and a half years, but these animals are unusually fertile. Rats thrive in almost any condition, hot or cold. They live and breed in areas cold with temperatures [...]

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Where Mice Nest & Feed Outdoors

Mice Living Outdoors   Almost all landscapes across the globe have mice. Mice are tiny rodents that nest and feed almost anywhere. The most common complaint about mice comes when they infest the interior of peoples homes. Mice, do love the warmth of human dwellings, but they can thrive in exterior conditions too. The mouse is a small animal with an [...]

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Raccoons In Urban Areas

Why Raccoons are in residential areas like Toronto: People think that raccoons are mainly found in forested rural areas, this is not the case. Raccoons do live in "the wild" but they thrive in urban areas like Toronto and the gta. These animals are equipped with opposing thumbs that allow them to grip and open nearly anything. Cities have an [...]

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