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Health Risks That Rats Cause

  Rat Infestations: Illness, Disease and How They Spread Rat infestations are very common and most of you think that rats are dirty. But, did you know that these rodents are very tidy? As a matter of fact, rats spend more time on cleaning themselves and their living quarters. They also keep their bedroom separate from their bathroom, just like [...]

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Are Raccoons Active In The Winter? Yes!

Do Raccoons Hibernate During The Winter? If you wake up sometime in the middle of the night to the sound of someone walking on or inside your roof, it is a raccoon! Raccoons are the top contender for food that is left around your property, and the nice warm home inside of your attic. They love to nest in the [...]

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What Health Risks Do Mice Cause?

A mice infestation is a nuisance, but did you know that they pose a major health risk to you and your family? Aside from being disgusting and pesky, having rodents inside your house can be extremely harmful for you and your family’s health. Even though you or your kids might not get bitten by mice directly, these rodents that are [...]

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